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Get Involved

There are several ways you can help ArlingtonDogs and in turn help your dog and the dog community of Arlington County.

Become a Member

Just $15.00 at the individual member category. E-Mail ArlingtonDogs or download, print and mail the membership form.

Become a Volunteer

Just a small amount of your time can make a difference – write to arlingtondogs@hotmail.com

Join Your Local Civic Association

Get involved with your local civic association, homeowners’ association, or condo association and/or the Arlington County Civic Federation – Arlington has a relatively small amount of public land available and the demands on that land are increasing – athletic fields, play grounds, and development pressures are continuing to put our community canine areas under assault. In the last few years, at least two of our CCAs have been the focus of contentious battles involving alleged assaults on individual dog owners, dogs and property within the CCA by individuals and/or groups who question our right to be involved in responsible dog ownership communities.

While we are working with the police and animal control to address the physical and verbal assaults, another form of attack comes from our civic organizations in the form of resolutions that would close or limit CCAs. If you are not a participating member of your civic organization, you will not be aware of these resolutions until they are enacted and it is too late to stop them. Please – it takes time – but get involved. Stay aware of what your civic organization is up to. Become an ambassador for the CCAs and for responsible dog ownership. And vote.

Share Your Opinions

Let the County Board hear from you! Visit County Board Website to find out how.

Contact Info:
Arlington County Board
2100 Clarendon Blvd Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201

Raise Awareness

Tell others about ArlingtonDogs and how they can help!

Police Dog Retirement Fund

Did you know that after years of service to our community, police dogs are tossed aside with no provision made for their support or care? It is up to the K-9 handler to choose to whether or not to euthanize the dog or personally incur the expenses of caring for their former partner. To encourage the K-9 handler to adopt a police dog as their own personal canine companion, ArlingtonDogs has initiated a Police Dog Retirement Fund.

Contributions to this fund will be deposited into ArlingtonDogs Vested Interest Fund, established in 1999 to purchase bulletproof vests for Arlington’s police dogs. These new funds will be devoted to the provision of medical care and food for Arlington’s retired police dogs. If you would like Arlington County do the right thing and help provide for the care of these dedicated civil servants in their golden years, please express your concern by writing to the County Board.

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