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Puppy Parties

What is a Puppy Party?

Puppy Parties are socialization sessions for puppies ranging in age from four months up to nine months. They are informal gatherings held most Saturday mornings in the “small dog” enclosed areas of some CCAs (Shirlington, Towers Parks).

Please be responsible and follow the rules as the sessions are self-monitored by the users and not sponsored or monitored by the County or ArlingtonDogs.

All CCA Rules and Regulations apply, including that pups must be at least four months old and must be licensed and vaccinated.

When and Where Can I Find an ArlingtonDogs Puppy Party?

Puppy Parties are informal and usually held on Saturday mornings from 10AM to 12PM at local Arlington Community Canine Areas (CCAs). The most popular session is at the Shirlington CCA in the “small dog” enclosure.

There’s no guarantee that any other pups will be there on any given Saturday, but it will probably be worth the trip just to check out the dog park.

Additional Puppy Parties may be found at some local dog training facilities for free or nominal fees. Search the web or yellow pages for local facilities.

Why Should I Go to an ArlingtonDogs Puppy Party?

Socialization at an early age is critical to your puppy’s development. Inadequate socialization in puppyhood can result in a hard-to-handle unruly adolescent, and a pup who lacks confidence is more likely to exhibit signs of fear as an adult. Early puppy socialization helps to shape a confident, well-adjusted, happy canine citizen. In addition, puppies are exposed to new locations and new people, all in a safe and really fun environment. Owners meet and share “puppy survival tips.”

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